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About Chef
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About Chef

Bake Mission

Bruce Lei 利永滔

Renowned Veteran Gift Pastry Master Bruce LEI behind Bake Mission’s Reaserch & Development.

Born in Hong Kong, Master Bruce LEI held a part-time job at a very young age in a famous Chinese pastry shop during school days. Taking advantage of the unique learning environment, he spared no pains to build a solid foundation in the skillful handling of flour, egg, oil and sugar to create innovative and delicious gift pastries over close to 20 years period with the then No. 1 Chinese Gift Pastry Shop in Hong Kong.

Master Bruce LEI later was placed in Taiwan as the Hong Kong Gift Pastry Shop expanded overseas and meanwhile working, he enrolled himself, studied & graduated from Taiwan Zhong Xing University with a degree in engineering. After graduation, he was engaged with the American White Wheat Producers Association and thereby further-rooted his ‘pastry-crafting’ career.

With an outstanding performance, he was engaged by a giant Japanese corporation RHEON, manufacturing precise equipment for food production as research personnel for 7 years. During this period of time, Master Bruce LEI relentlessly assisted the Japanese Corporation to research, develop and fine-tune several pieces of machinery which had later, and till today, evolved and remained a hot-favourite within the food-manufacturing and pastry-making industries.

Also, Master Bruce LEI eagerly spent whatever spare time he has to make mission & expertise-exchange trips to Germany to study food flavoring and coloring and, to Switzerland, to master the professional art of Danish & puff pastry making.

During his later work engagement in China, he was regularly invited by a radio station in Shanghai to share his  findings in pastry to the Chinese people for a long period of time.

WuGuFeng SINGAPORE, a brand under the wings of BAKE MISSION, is a masterpiece meticulously created by Master Bruce LEI. Master LEI devoted 40 over years of his entire life, fully engrossing himself in the research & development of exquisite pastry-crafting. He is the most sort-after pastry master who is able to miraculously blend his set of international manufacturing skills with the long historical goodness of Asian pastry traditions to come up with his well-acclaimed “fusion” style of  products. Master Bruce LEI has been a proud Singapore Citizen for over 20 years now.

Master Bruce Lei specialises in the manufacturing of Mooncakes in large quantities. He is well-known in the industry over the years for founding a special recipe that gives a “natural shine” to his Mooncake face (skin) without adding chemicals and for the unique fragrance of his self-developed recipe of lotus paste, collaborated, manufactured & imported from Hong Kong.

Master Bruce Lei is devoted to ensuring Good Manufacturing Practice to maintain the shelf-life of our Mooncakes WITHOUT adding preservatives.

The below is a list of records of Master Bruce Lei’s mooncake-manufacturing achievements :

Bake Mission

Taiwan (18 years)

  • Famous 台北超群喜饼 (a branch of Hong Kong 超群)
  • Over a 23 years period, Master Bruce, as production head, build up a volume from 200,000 boxes to 650,000 boxes.
  • Taiwan Hyatt – 70,000 boxes
  • Taiwan Regent – 60,000 boxes
  • Taiwan Ritz – 30,000 boxes
  • Walt Disney, Taiwan – 60,000 boxes each year (Master Bruce Lei subsequently provide consultancy to Walt Disney Taiwan, assisting them in the development, sourcing/production of all food & snack items)
  • Taiwan Giant Food Manufacturer– 元祖食品 – 50,000 boxes
  • Taiwan Giant Food Manufacturer – 花旗礼饼 – 30,000 boxes
  • China Airlines 中华航空 – 50,000 pieces
  • Evergreen Airlines 长荣航空 – 50,000 pcs

02 Chef Bruce Lei ZaoBao


China (previous 12 years)

  • Famous 上海格兰喜饼 Grand Gourmet Pastry over a 8 years period, Master Bruce Lei, as CEO, build up a volume from 60,000 boxes to 200,000 boxes
  • Beijing 鸿运食品 Fortune Food Industries (a company by 
  • Singapore PSC) – 80,000 to 120,000 boxes
  • Beijing SOGO – 200,000 boxes


After settling in Singapore, Master Bruce Lei had manufactured mooncakes & gift pastries for many prestigious SINGAPORE clients including 5-Stars Hotels & major commercial & government institutions over the past 20 years.