WuGuFeng is the antique brand name carefully-managed under the wings of Bake Mission Pte Ltd. It is empowered by long-time art and expertise of concise oriental pastry crafting.

WuGuFeng specializes in the engineering & crafting of a series of gift pastries during major Chinese festive occasions like :

  1. “Nian Gao” 年糕, Carrot Cake 萝卜糕 , Gift Pastries各式年饼 & Cookies for the Lunar New Year
  2. Mooncakes 月饼  for Mid-Autumn Festival
  3. Of course, WuGuFeng  being a Brand that supplies gift pastry in a multi-racial country, we do supply nice and pleasant items that can be an everyday “hand-gift” suitable for giving away while visiting or sharing during gatherings.

Food Maestro Bruce Lei insists that no preservatives be added to upkeep our commitment of supplying only safe and healthy pastries to our customers.


For more information, please visit our WuGuFeng  website at


or you can call our

Sales Hotline at  (65) 9006 1710


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