Contract Manufacturing

We also offer contract manufacturing services to both local and overseas established food manufacturers and institutional buyers. Contract manufacturing allows our clients to fully utilize our expertise and technical capabilities in production to create products, unique to the client’s specification and brand positioning.

We manufacture

A Retail frozen products for :-

1) Supermarkets

2) Small and medium sized retailers


B Partially-baked, or raw frozen products for :-

1) Cafes

2) Hotels

3) Food Institutions

4) Food retailers

Our Products

1) Western Bread / Pastries

a. Frozen pizzas

b. Frozen par-baked puffs

c. Frozen Cakes

d. Frozen Pies

e. Frozen Tarts

f. Frozen Danishes

g. Frozen Dough

h. Chilled Sandwiches

i. Par-baked Frozen Bread & Buns

j. Freshly-baked bread & buns

k. Petit Fours – party pastries

l. All festive & gift items  for Mid-Autumn Festival (Mooncakes), Christmas (Log Cakes, Panettone, Mixed Fruit Cakes, Kougeloff, Macaroons, Meringues etc. ) , Chinese New Year (Canned Gift Cookies, Bottled Candies, Pineapple Shortcake, Butter Mesh Egg Roll, Kueh Lapis etc.)

IMG_3754 IMG_3743 IMG_3675 Bake-Mission-81932-2 Raspberry Logcake IMG_3727 IMG_3678 IMG_3644 Bread Basket 5 Bread 2