About Bruce Lei – The Food Maestro


Bruce LeiBorn in Hong Kong, Bruce held a part-time job at a very young age in a famous Chinese pastry shop during school days. Taking advantage of the unique learning environment, he spared no pains to build a solid foundation in the skillful handling of flour, egg, oil and sugar to create innovative and delicious gift pastries over a close to 20 years period with the then No. 1 Chinese Gift Pastry Shop in Hong Kong.

Bruce later graduated from Taiwan Zhong Xing University with a degree in engineering. He worked with the American White Wheat Producers Association after graduation and thereby started his ‘pastry-crafting’ career.

With an outstanding performance, he was engaged by a giant Japanese corporation manufacturing precise equipments for food production as research personnel for 7 years.  During this time, Bruce relentlessly assisted the Japanese Corporation to research, develop and fine-tune several pieces of machinery which had later, and till today, all became and remained hot-favourites within the food-manufacturing and pastry-making industries.

Also, Bruce eagerly spent whatever spare time he has to make short mission trips to Germany (then West Germany) to study food flavoring and coloring and, in Switzerland, to master the professional art of Danish & puff pastry making.

During his work engagement in China, he has been invited by a radio station in Shanghai to share his findings in pastry to Chinese people for a long period. Bruce committed most of his time and effort to create a series of tasty Chinese pastry likeable by everybody.