About Bake Mission

About Us

DSC_4809Bake Mission Pte Ltd is a forward-looking company dedicated to manufacture high quality bakery products that serves a diversified clientele base including 5-star hotels, supermarkets and major mega food institutions in Singapore.

We are also geared towards the export of our well-received products into the regional and middle-eastern markets.

Our mission is to be a reliable and influential confectionery manufacturer completely focused on producing high quality, healthy products in Singapore.

To accomplish our mission, we have invested much in the setup of our 6,000 sq ft factory, located in Singapore’s Senoko food-manufacturing district. Our factory setup includes investment on high-end freezing, storage and packaging facilities to maintain our product shelf-life hence, keeping our products natural, free from preservatives, artificial additives and colouring. On top of this, we also invest in suitable machinery to improve production efficiency while eliminating all possible contamination that could result from vast human food-handling.

TeamIn line with ISO22,000 Quality Management & Food Safety Management requirements, we also have
our production layout and quality control processes charted to near perfection to ensure the highest
level of production standards.

Besides possessing a well-equipped factory, we also have in place an excellent production team headed by a well-experienced production expert with more than 30 years’ experience working in regional markets like Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Singapore who can help to serve all your product development and innovation needs.


We have a fleet of both in-house and qualified out-sourced delivery trucks with storage and delivery conditions of all temperatures, ranging from -18°C to ambient temperature, to serve our clients’ vast logistics needs.Bake Mission Truck

Quality Assurance

Our manufacturing facilities is strictly governed by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore.

We have also attained ISO22,000 Quality & Food Safety Management Certification & also certified HALAL by MUIS.